Ocasio Cortez Just Explained EXACTLY Why The Democratic Party Is Over, Slams Biden And The Democrats

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Ocasio Cortez Just Explained EXACTLY Why The Democratic Party Is Over, Slams Biden And The Democrats. The Democratic party exists only as a name at this point. The field of 2020 Democratic candidates couldn't disagree more.

In fact it seems the only thing they agree on is "orange man bad" but outside of that they may as well not be in the same party.

In fact Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said exactly that in an interview with NYMag. When asked what she would do under a Joe Biden administration she groaned and said in any other country they would not be in the same party.

If thats the case then why did AOC run as a Democrat? Why not run third party? Biden has a long history and has been elected to several positions, if anyone is not a Democrat its Ocasio Cortez.

But the far left has been slowly taking over the Democratic party and passive leftists and democrat voters tend not to care who is running so long as the D is next to their name. This has resulted in a fractured and spiritless Democratic party that cannot agree on anything.

Looking at Trump and the Republican fund raising totals compared to the Democrats and it becomes clear. Democrats only come close to the Republican fund raising because there are so many candidates running. Individually they do not come close to the Republican totals.

Bernie Or Bust they cried in 2016 and so they will again.

There is no Democratic party, there is no standard, its just a name for people running against Republicans at this point.

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