Demi Lovato Exposes Her CELLULITE To Begin New Chapter Of Life!

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Demi Lovato graced us last night with a bit of a thirst trap – but this one is different than any thirst trap she’s posted before.

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Demi posted this unedited photo of herself Thursday night to her Instagram, giving us an unfiltered look at her booty … better yet unedited cellulite booty!

In the caption she said “This is my biggest fear. A photo of me in a bikini unedited. And guess what, it’s cellu-LIT! I’m just literally soo tired of being ashamed of my body, editing it so that others think I’m their idea of what beautiful is. But it’s just not me. This is what I got.”

YASSS DEMI, Preach from truth!!!! You still look beautiful to me.

And a lot of other people think so as well … like a lot a lot, including a plethora of A-listers!

Noah Cyrus, Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber, Ruby Rose, Debby Ryan, Megan Mullally, Jaclyn Hill, Kim Petras, James Charles, Sofia Carson, Sarah Hyland, Jamie Lynn Spears, Scooter Braun, Jenna Fischer, and so many more people commented their messages of support on Demi’s picture.

Demi continued her caption saying “I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone else’s standards. So here’s me, unashamed, unafraid, and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day”

But no need to rush that, Demi! She just turned 27 a few weeks ago and has plenty of time ahead of her to work on any other projects she wants to do

Like maybe a career as an actor

Demi said “It’s such a great feeling to be back in tv/film while not stressing myself with a strenuous workout schedule before 14 hour days, or depriving myself from a real birthday cake rather than opting for watermelon & whip cream with candles”

She’s currently filming a movie based on the European singing competition “Eurovision” called …. “Eurovision”!

She’s starring alongside Regina George herself, Rachel McAdams, Will Ferrell, and Pierce Brosnan

The movie will be released on Netflix. And who knows what other movie roles Demi has up her sleeve that just haven’t been announced yet!

She was also on a recent episode of Will & Grace

And it’s not just movies and TV she’s working on.

She said, “I love me and you should love you too. Now back to the studio..I’m working on an anthem”

These days it seems like Demi will be giving us anthem after anthem, and I ain’t complaining.

She finished off her caption with “I’m not stoked on my appearance BUT I am appreciative of it and sometimes that’s the best I can do. I hope to inspire someone to appreciate their body today too”

She tagged the photo with #NationalCelluliteDay and #Cellu-LIT, and unfortunately Instagram has deemed those tags inappropriate and hide them

Which I think is, excuse my language, complete B-S.

But what do you guys think of Demi’s Cell-U-LIT? Are you proud of Demi and her message to the masses? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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