Top 10 Worst Wearable Devices Ever Invented

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Lots of terrible wearable tech devices have been invented over the years. Some wearables are great, but others totally fail. here are the worst wearable inventions ever made!
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Be Amazed at these worst wearable technology devices ever invented! Virtual Boy - A portable gaming console with the capability of showing 3D graphics — what could possibly go wrong? For Nintendo’s Virtual Boy — everything. LogBar Ring - The LogBar Ring was a wearable device released in 2015 which was designed to “shortcut everything”, as its creators put it. “Beauty and the Geek” Keyboard Trousers - Back in 2012, someone thought it was wise to design trousers with a wireless keyboard, along with a mouse and a small speaker, built-in. Xybernaut Poma - Before Google Glass, there was the Xybernaut Poma, a wearable device released in 2002 that allowed users to perform computer tasks while on the go.

Kreyos and Neptune Pine Smartwatches - Smartwatches are great devices, but they haven't always been as refined as products like the iWatch. Basis Peak and Fitbit Force - Compared to the previous examples, these two smart devices did meet customer expectations, but some unusual problems led to them being included in this list. Oakley Thump - Music players have taken the form of many different things, such as Rubik’s Cubes, pens, and even action figures . QR Tie - QR codes are prevalent today; simply scan any code with a QR-scanning app and you’ll get its details instantly. Head Mounted Wearables - While some head-mounted wearables are fine and usable, this next set of wearables clearly isn’t. Kapture - A wearable device that can record simple thoughts or a loving conversation with your family and friends? That’s a definite must-have!
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