You're Only a True Traveler If You've Visited These 15 Crazy Festivals

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In case you love to travel and explore new things and destinations you might think you know it all but there’s always more. Thousands of curious people have made festival tourism their new way of traveling, and there’s a good reason: you can find yourself a once-in-a-lifetime experience which is a must for your bucket list.
The body-piercing festival in Malaysia and Singapore is supposed to show the devotion of religious people and cleanse them of all their sins.
During El Colacho in Spain the devils start jumping over one-year-old babies displayed on mattresses.
Every July, you can take part in all kinds of entertainments on the coast of the Yellow Sea, which is rich in mineralized mud.
For one hour every year, Bunol’s streets are covered in juicy red slush and exalted people fighting with tomatoes.
On Nyepi Day, the Day of Silence, all the residents of Bali (including tourists) are obliged to follow several very strict rules: no fire, no travel, no activity, no entertainment.


Preview photo credit:
Mud Fest 2008: By Hypnotica Studios Infinite, CC BY 2.0,

BATU CAVES, MALAYSIA - FEBRUARY 9, 2017: Hindu Devotees Performing Religious Ritual During Thaipusam Festival: By nikjuzaili/,
Animation is created by Bright Side.

Thaipusam, the Hindu Piercing Festival 0:39
El Colacho: Baby Jumping Festival, Spain 1:09
Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea 2:03
Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand 2:33
La Tomatina, Spain 3:11
Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Festival, Japan 3:44
Hair Freezing Day, Canada 4:19
Night of the Radishes, Mexico 5:03
Day of Silence, Bali 5:33
The Bog Snorkeling Championship, UK 6:17
Pikachu Festival, Japan 6:53
Snowman Burning Day, USA 7:19
Battle of the Oranges, Italy 7:44
The Viking Festival, Iceland 8:21
Burning Man, USA 9:02

-Hindus pierce their entire bodies and hitch sharp hooks to their backs. They can walk with weights called “kavadis” attached to their bodies for 10 hours.
-El Colacho - the Baby Jumping Festival - gathers lots of people at a kind of baptizing event.
-Mud games, mud baths and massages, and even a mud obstacle marathon along with music and dancing competitions – these activities draw people from around the world to Boryeong, South Korea.
-Over 4,000 kg of various Thai dishes are served near the Khmer Temple just for monkeys during the Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand.
-Every year, the small town of Bunol, Spain, hosts the “World’s Biggest Food Fight” - La Tomatina.
-The Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Festival is a male-only, practically naked event that gathers participants in a temple to catch 2 “shingi” - lucky sticks.
-Every February, you can go hot and cold in the Takhini Hot Pools in Canada and even raise money at the same time. Once you’re in the hot springs at −20°F outside, you dip your hair into the water, take it out, and wait to take the best photo.
-On December 23, the Mexican city of Oaxaca creates the most unusual Christmas atmosphere with the help of the least expected vegetable - the radish.
-Unlike most countries where this holiday comes with parties and crowded celebrations, Balinese people take the opportunity to welcome the beginning of the year in peace and calm.
-Every August, the locals and some reckless visitors of Llanwrtyd Wells voluntarily dive into the bog to compete for the title of Champion.
-Every year, over 1,000 performers in Pikachu costumes take over the streets of Yokohama, Japan.
-The citizens of this cold area - Lake Superior, USA - warm up by burning a snowman figure on March 20 to mark the return of the long-awaited spring.
-3 days before Fat Tuesday, the town of Ivrea is turned into a battlefield for 9 squads fighting for the sake of justice and fight with oranges.
-Every year, Hafnarfjörður, a small town in Iceland, becomes the venue for a huge historical reenactment: The Annual Viking Festival.
-The Burning Man is a gathering of people who forget about their ordinary way of life and create a new, developed society based on the principles of gifting, self-expression, civic responsibility, and respect.

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