Close One Eye When You Go to the Toilet at Night

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In our everyday life, we’re usually doing things in seemingly the easiest and most rational way, yet we face the same problems repeatedly. Can't fall asleep again after going to the bathroom at night? Wanna know why? That’s because you switched on the lights to see what you’re doing. Our brain is trained to think that the light naturally means morning.

Yeah, our brain is a tricky thing. Do you know, for example, why you should have a good laugh before a test? The thing is that our brains need to build strong relations with what we want to remember. And nothing helps more than something that gives them positive emotions! So if you wanna remember something important, just find something to laugh about, and you’ll remember it for good.

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Sleeping troubles after nighttime bathroom trips 0:26
Stumbling on things in the dark 1:11
Losing weight in your sleep 1:54
Cheer yourself up...forcefully 2:53
Spend a day on yourself 3:26
Forget about task management apps 4:08
Wake up and write 4:48
Argue with your textbooks 5:36
Have a laugh before Test Day 6:26
Speak up to win people over 7:16
Drink hot tea on a hot day 7:50
Unexpected medicine 8:26

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- You need to close one eye on your way to the toilet and back. This doesn’t allow as much light in, tricking your brain into thinking it’s not that bright yet, and you can keep sleeping!
- Loud noises also don’t help anyone get a good night’s sleep, so the best you can do to save yourself is to move your eyes rapidly in the dark.
- Our metabolism keeps working when we sleep. On average, you burn around 500 calories overnight if you get 8 hours of sleep, which is the recommended time anyways.
- Your brain will naturally connect the smile with happiness and good thoughts, and you’ll keep this attitude for the rest of the day.
- You can deal with everything else if you devote just one day on taking care of your looks. Combine it with some reasonable shopping, which is a good means of stress release.
- No coffee, no breakfast, don’t even rush to the bathroom. Everything else must wait. Instead, as soon as you get up, sit at your desk and write on a blank sheet of paper.
- If you’re wrong, then the information will still have much more meaning for you, and therefore will be easier to remember.
- No matter how good a person is at holding a grudge, it’s just in the nature of our mind that we tend to recall good things much faster, and in better detail.
- The next time you think to yourself that it’s best to behave and be humble when you’re surrounded by people, try not to miss a moment when you can really shine bright.
- It’ll produce much more heat if you eat an ice-cream during a cold winter day, which will, in turn, warm you up. But don’t overuse this trick.
- Some people say that nothing hurts worse than a paper cut. But anyway, there’s a medicine for those paper cuts. And it’s Chapstick! Just put it over the cut and feel the pain disappear.

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