Shay Mitchell Throws Herself A STRIP CLUB Baby Shower!!!

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Shay Mitchell is getting ready to welcome her first child, but before she does that, she had the most lit baby shower ever.

What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Shay Mitchell celebrated her baby shower with some baby bottles, cupcakes, her BFFs, oh and some strippers.

Yep you heard that right.

Shay uploaded a video of the night to her YouTube channel and titled it “Not Your Average Baby Shower.”

She also wrote in the description that quote, “I know, I know, I said I didn’t want a baby shower but I changed my mind, my friends can thank me later. It was fun to let loose and see my family before I’m on travel lockdown. Everything is finally coming together...but of course being my daughter, she’s keeping me on my toes and switching up my birth plans.”

And that she certainly did not disappoint. I’ve never heard of anyone having their baby shower at a strip club but Shay committed.

She even went up on stage at one point and got up close and personal with the Magic Mike sorta dancers.

Meanwhile, her man, Matte Babel, was left at home texting her and she left him on read!

Because well, she was busy, we don’t blame her…

And fans were loving Shay’s video of the entire experience.

The comment section is filled with stans.

I mean she’s kinda got one. Her entire YouTube series “Almost Ready” documenting her pregnancy is the reality show I didn’t know I needed in my life.

And though the babyshower was lit AF, it also had it’s more serious moments.

Shay opened up to her friend about how nervous she is to give birth to her baby girl.

She said quote, “I'm terrified of giving birth. It's just a lot.”

This isn’t the first time Shay has revealed how scared both she and Matt are to be parents.
In a livestream they did last month they both joked around about how they aren’t ready.

But they have no choice, because the baby is coming sooner than we realised.

In that same livestream Matt said quote, “Early October is when she's due.”

Oh I’m sorry that’s in like two weeks… ready or not the baby girl is coming! (**looks at watch)

And in case you forgot, Shay announced her pregnancy pretty much out of nowhere in June.

She posted a video to her YouTube channel and wrote “Guess Who’s Preggers?”

But at this point she was already 6 months pregnant! So she must have been pretty good at hiding it… like a true Pretty Little Liar would be.

She also shared this pic of her on Instagram and wrote quote, “Does this mean I’m allowed to drive in the carpool lane at all times now?”

But as funny and candid as Shay has been with her pregnancy, she also has gotten real about the experience.

Shay has also opened up about why she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long and it has a lot to do with the miscarriage she had back in 2018.

But Shay got real and shared a photo of the ultrasound of the baby she lost.

So we completely understand why she kept her pregnancy private for so long and we are so glad she and Matte are expecting their baby girl any day now!

Like for real she could come at any moment, we’re on baby watch!

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