8 Most Mysterious Islands You've Never Heard About

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Some of these islands are so mystifying that most people don’t even know they exist. Some have such a gruesome history that many don’t want to talk about them. Did you know there’s an island that seems to have disappeared from the face of Earth? And another that is said to be home to thousands of wandering ghosts? Get ready because these 8 islands are bound to give you goosebumps.

Socotra 1:10
Diego Garcia 2:11
The Eye 3:04
Isla Bermeja 3:58
Okunoshima Island 5:09
Ilha de Queimada Grande 6:15
Poveglia Island 7:28
Island of Dolls 8:36

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- Socotra is so isolated that there are just a few roads for its 40,000 inhabitants. It’s also host to 800 rare species of flora and fauna, a third of which are found nowhere else on Earth.
- Diego Garcia is located over 1,000 miles south of India, isolated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is occupied by the US military, who leased it from the UK. The island is home to 2,000 military personnel, communication facilities, combat vessels, and 12,000-ft runways that can hold large aircraft.
- The Eye, or El Ojo de la Tierra in Spanish, is a strange island that moves and rotates on its own axis. The Eye is fully circular, sits in a circle of water, and is located between the cities of Campana and Zarate in Argentina.
- Isla Bermeja is shown on maps from the 18th and 19th centuries, but the island was not found in 1996 when Mexico conducted surveys. Nor was it located in an extensive study in 2009. Though it is clearly marked on maps, the island is currently nowhere to be found.
- Okunoshima is a small island nestled in the Inland Sea of Japan. The island is small enough that it can be explored in under 2 hours. It’s grassy, and there’s a beach resort. But the best part of this island is the inhabitants: hundreds of rabbits roam the island.
- This island has the highest concentration of venomous snakes in the world! For that reason, it is known as Snake Island. It hosts a population of over 2,000 lancehead vipers, one of the most dangerous species of snake.
- Because of its macabre past, Poveglia is thought to be Italy’s most haunted island. This is a place for only the most hardcore ghost hunters and people who love a good horror story.
- Island of Dolls is one of the creepiest places you can imagine! Though it was never meant to be a tourist attraction, hundreds of people visit the place each year.

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