13 Sad RuPaul's Drag Race Moments That Had Us In Our Feelings

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Sashay Away Or Shantay You Stay! Check Out The Most Emotional Moments On RuPaul's Drag Race In Herstory
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Oh, y’all wanted a twist? Throughout the varied herstory of the show, queens have been disqualified, queens have returned, rules have been re-written and audiences have been left speechless. But one thing is for sure; RuPaul’s Drag Race can literally drag the emotions right out of these queens. From Kim Chi, Jan, Rock M. Sakura, Sherry Pie, and Brita Filter - reality show tactics have almost become a cliche after nearly 20 years of reality-based shows permeating the TV airwaves. Some of those techniques continue to work, perhaps because the public forgets too easily, or the show creates fresh variations so nobody notices. Those who watch the show may know what the complaints are about, despite the intention of the segment being made to reflect on the drag queens’ past lives. What is this emotional moment, and why are we all crying right now? After all, many of these contestants went through real trauma as kids as RuPaul did. Not approaching it from a genuine perspective could end up hurting the show as being another reality show jumping the shark into belaboring the usual fabricated reality show angles. But reality TV is just that: reality. And some of these queens telling stories or being overwhelmed by the pressure of the competition just cant hold in the tears. Whether it was Roxxxy Andrews tearful recount of a seriously traumatic moment from her childhood, or even Adore DeLano getting emotional over the intense pressure of a competition that she felt she didn’t belong in, you can’t deny that these moments are probably the most emotional times in the entire show’s herstory.

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