Emma Chamberlain Reportedly Has A New Boyfriend!

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There have been so many rumours about Emma Chamberlain’s very private dating life, but now we MIGHT just have some answers! Emphasis on MIGHT.

Hey everyone, Happy Monday, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and ever since Emma Chamberlain came on the scene and has grown to almost 8.5 million subscribers, we’ve gotten to know a lot about her.

In her candid YouTube videos, she shares everything from her specific coffee order to if/when she showers to how many plums she ate this summer.

But one thing she isn’t very open about, is her dating life. She’s been infamously private about it, so we only get info from random clues and easter eggs in her videos.

For a while a lot of us thought she was dating Ethan Dolan because there was a ton of evidence.

Exhibit A. Look at the way she looks at him.

I mean if those aren’t the eyes of young love, I don’t know what are.

And Exhibit B was even more convincing.

Ethan’s brother Grayson may have totally outed them in this video.

It seems like he says me and your girlfriend to Ethan, but they beeped it out. See for yourself.

Hold on can we get a close up on Emma and Ethan’s face’s when he says that.

Yes those faces say it all. There was something said under that beep that drove us nuts.

At the time, fans went wild on Twitter about this moment.


So you see… these are the kind of clues we’re working with. Very cryptic hidden messages, but that’s what we’re here to decode.

And whether or not Ethan and Emma were dating back then, it looks like she’s moved on because it appears there could be a new man in her life.

And before we get into it, I will just say as a disclaimer, this is all just speculation, OK? Speculation… but hey, we can’t not talk about it.

So who is Emma’s new rumored fling?

It’s reportedly a TikToker named Aaron Hull.

And if you’re an avid fan of Emma’s, you’d know that she’s recently become obsessed with TikTok. Coincidence? I think not.

It all started when Aaron posted a quick clip of Emma on his TikTok.

And while it was brief, it was most definitely Emma. See for yourself.

That same day, Aaron was also in the background of Emma’s IG story. She wrote quote, “woke up early to go to my fav place” and if you look closely you can see Aaron in the background.

And in case you don’t believe me, let’s look back at the exact location and outfit Aaron was in during his TikTok video.

YUP it’s the same.

And according to the YouTube channel happier exposed, Emma flew Aaron out to LA to visit her. Here’s an ALLEGED screenshot of DM’s from one of Aaron’s friends.

They wrote quote, “Emma wearing Aaron’s sweatshirt. She flew him out there hahaha. They’ve been talking for months he went to my high school”

And there’s a lot said there but let’s start with the sweatshirt.

Here they are wearing the same sweatshirt which is apparently Aaron’s.

And let me be the first to say… that’s when you KNOW it’s real. When a guy starts letting you wear his sweatshirt, that’s the real deal. Everyone knows that.

And to solidify things even more, the pic of Emma wearing Aaron’s sweatshirt was posted by Aaron himself on his private Snapchat.

Emma also posted and then deleted a video of herself dancing on her TikTok where fans noticed what “could” have been Aaron in the background of the video. Or let’s be real, it could be anyone with a shadow.

Again, it’s all just speculation but you have to admit, when you add up all the bits and pieces it’s looking a little sus.

And if all this wasn’t evidence enough, Aaron recently went live on TikTok and Emma joined the live and was flooding the comments.

She wrote quote, “I’m actually here” and even defended Aaron by commenting back at someone saying quote, “Aaron is not stupid.”

So whether or not Aaron and Emma are dating per se… they are at least very good friends.

But I don’t know, the sweatshirt thing really has me kinda sold.

And fans agree.

And I couldn’t agree more.

But I want to know what you guys think.
Do you think Emma and Aaron are dating? If so, do you ship them? Or do you think they are just friends?

Let me know down in the comments below.

After that, I’m going to leave you a cryptic clue to see if you know what I’m talking about….Lol, I know, that’s not very cryptic. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sussan Mourad and have a great day.

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