6 Strange Einstein's Habits That Could Have Contribute To His Genius

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Some say that great minds think alike, and that’s up for debate, but they do seem to have one thing in common – they have some strange habits. Albert Einstein, one of the smartest people ever, had a lot of quirks! Did you know, for example, that he despised socks for some reason? He never wore them at all. He wrote once in a letter to his wife, Elsa, that he had to wear high boots all the time just to hide his bare feet.

Also, Einstein had a strange routine linked to his daily naps. While he drifted into dreamland, he held a metal spoon in his hand and had a metal plate lying on the floor right underneath the spoon. When he fell asleep he would drop the spoon on the plate. But why would he do that? Let’s find out!

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No socks. Ever. 0:29
Building houses of cards 1:27
Playing the violin 2:17
Sleeping 10 hours a day 3:24
Napping with a metal spoon in his hands 4:58
Daily walks 5:24
Adopting routine work as a habit 6:46

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- The only reason Albert Einstein didn’t wear socks was that in his childhood, it took him just a day or two to wear out a hole in a new sock. His thoughts were so important for him that any issue – even annoying socks – wasn’t worth the distraction.
- Another habit that Albert Einstein adopted in his childhood was building houses of cards. When our brain is busy with something mechanical, it sets free our ability of abstract thinking. The more concentration needed, the greater the possible effect will be!
- Despite his first reaction, Einstein was curious enough to change his mind about violin playing. Also, there’s no better rest for your brain than a change of activity. Tired of doing math? Play guitar! Tired of playing the guitar? Go for a walk, try out some photography.
- It’s not that Einstein was lazy or a sleepyhead – that’s for sure. But he was a passionate sleeper. We all know that a healthy night of sleep is good for your brain. But generally, 7 to 9 hours is enough. Still, it’s important to remember that we’re all different. For some of us, 6 hours are alright and others need all 10, like Einstein.
- His walks had nothing to do with benefiting his health. The thing is, while we walk, we’re not busy; our mind is left to itself. Plus, it’s partially concentrated on the sole process of walking. That’s why a long enough walk can put you in a sort of trance. It’ll allow you to relax and think about things differently.

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