17 Things in Your Home You Should Get Rid of By Age 20

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Coming of age and kissing your teenage years goodbye is an exciting step towards the whole new life that awaits you. It’s a good time to drop the extra weight that slows you down. Deciding which things are better left in the past might be easier than you think.

For example, do you really need all those dated magazines and comic books? Most likely, none of them will become an all-time classic worth millions of dollars for collectors. Even if one did, you wouldn’t be able to find it amongst the mess you have. And what about toys from childhood? They sure hold some good memories, so pick a couple of them that are the closest to you. Everything else is better left behind!

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Dated magazines and comic books 0:20
Mismatched socks 0:36
Worn down clothes 0:56
Toys from childhood 1:25
Sports gear you barely touched 1:54
Kitchenware from your parents’ house 2:18
Plastic forks, spoons, and knives 2:47
Ball of cords and chargers 3:16
Your old cell phone 3:45
CDs and DVDs 4:22
Used batteries 5:00
Melted scented candles 5:24
Dusty guitar 5:50
Posters of your favorite band 6:25
Bottles of anti-acne lotions 6:53
Clean your blog and social media 7:15
Crafting materials 7:42

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- You can try to wear mismatched socks of the same size, but when you’re over 20, it’s not about if someone would see it anymore.
- Somewhere beyond age 20, the growth of the human body slows down dramatically, and you can finally get yourself some nice quality pieces of clothing.
- All the gear from every sport you’ve attempted throughout the years is just collecting dust on the shelf. If you’re over 20, donate it: there are lots of teens that could put it to good use.
- If you want to cook for yourself – and you should try, because it’s cool – you need your own kitchenware that will suit your own specific needs and tastes.
- The stingy thought that one day you’ll find yourself needing one of them, and regret terribly that you threw them away, is the only thing keeping you from tossing out the useless cords.
- All those basic outdated cell phones, flip phones or sliders – it’s kinda even funny to think about them in 2019!
- Even if you’re a music fan, you should know that there are some other analog formats on the rise, like audio tapes and vinyl. Yeah, they’re even older, but ironically, they’re much less obsolete than CDs.
- The environmental damage an empty battery can cause is pretty bad, and leaving them lying around in your own room isn’t a great idea either.
- The melted wax in candles naturally traps dust and just looks messy. Even if you think you may want to use them another time, they won’t be as pleasant anymore.
- I also once thought I was going to become a rock star, and now I have an instrument in my closet with rusty strings. Things won’t always go as planned, and there’s nothing to blame yourself for.
- If you’re older than 20, posters of your favorite band don’t belong on your walls anymore. You’re an adult now and you can show your appreciation of someone’s art in a much more personal and cool way.
- Pay some extra attention to those older posts you made in your early teen years and try not to lose consciousness from laughter or embarrassment.
- If, at some point, you feel inspired to have a hobby again, start from scratch. Since it would be a more mature decision, you’ll progress much faster.

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