What If There's No Internet for 24 Hours

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It’s 7 am, and the sound of your alarm wakes you up. You reach over to the nightstand to pick up your phone. With your eyes half-closed, you notice you don’t have any new notifications. Hmm, that’s weird. You get up, grab a quick shower, and head downstairs.

After you’ve gotten some breakfast and coffee, you grab your tablet and see the same thing: no notifications. You also notice there’s no Internet connection. It wasn’t just on your phone but all your devices. Before checking your router, you try the old “turn it off and on again” technique. Of course, that didn’t help. So, you head over to the router and see a blinking red light. The 4G isn’t working either.

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It's better to take the day off 2:28
Are all the memories lost?!
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