The Main Reason Why Dogs Are Very Similar to Humans

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Dogs have been with us for around 30,000 years, and today, we just can’t imagine life without these fluffy creatures. But the big, important question remains: just how close are humans and dogs to each other, and what are the key factors in this long and happy relationship?

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Survival of the friendliest 0:34
Dogs have individual IQ levels 2:36
Smarter dogs live longer 4:08
Dogs are more like us than our closest relative 5:12
Dogs lose their sleep in stressful situations 6:18
Dogs and humans have similar microbiomes 7:41

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- Today, some scientists think it wasn’t people who domesticated wolves, but the other way around. US scientists from Duke University, Dr. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, think it was wolves who learned how to be friendlier to people!
- Newly developed in the London School of Economics, IQ tests for dogs show that intelligence levels not only differ between the breeds, but that they’re absolutely individual for each and every dog there is.
- Statistical research shows that people with higher IQs are more likely to be healthy and live longer. As it turns out, it’s the same for dogs.
- In fact, dogs are the only species that shows intellectual skills shockingly similar to those of human babies. If you show a picture of an object to a chimp, it won’t understand what you mean by that. Dogs can understand the shown image and bring an object that resembles it.
- A dog’s experiences accumulated throughout the day have a direct impact on the quality of sleep they get at night. If something goes wrong – poor puppy, the night will be long and fruitless.
- European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Nestlé Research presented studies that shows how changes in the diets of humans and dogs have similar effects on their microbiomes. The similarities are far stronger than we could’ve expected.

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