Why Kylie Jenner Lied About Being A Billionaire

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The Devil Works Hard But Kris Jenner Works Harder
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It seems like just yesterday we saw this makeup mogul make the Forbes cover for her supposedly self made fortune. But now, Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status is being called into question and there are some serious accusations flying around! We’ll take you through the full investigation on the issue and whether or not Kylie Cosmetics and her reality show projects have really earned her a billion dollars. Lawyer Michael Kemp and her legal team are taking this serious now that she’s had her status revoked and is being accused of weaving a “web of lies.” Did her company hand over some inflated numbers and tax records? Or is this one big misunderstanding. . . and a total public relations nightmare! It seems like only yesterday she was defending her right to the title the publication initially bestowed upon her and now she’s fighting for it yet again! If you’re having trouble keeping track of the controversy don’t worry because we’ll break it all down.

What do you think is the truth behind this social media star’s scandal? Do you think she really deserved the title in the first place? And is there an issue with her bank account or the idea that she created the wealth herself? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and turn on your notifications for more of the latest and greatest videos from us here at The Talko.

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Written by: Nomde Plume
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