A Huge Pearl Has Been Destroying Marriages Since the 1500's

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Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but not any jewelry is a good gift. You'll be surprised to know some pieces of it, like a cursed pearl, can destroy marriages! And that certainly makes that jewelry a girl's worst enemy. One pearl in particular managed to make plenty of enemies over centuries of ruining its owners' love lives.

For about 300 years, the infamous La Peregrina pearl was the largest to have ever been found, originally weighing in just shy of 56 carats or about 11 grams. King Philip presented his new bride with the mesmerizing pearl as a wedding present. Mary and Philip never got divorced, but it is known that the king left her not long after tying the knot. And that was only the beginning of the pearl's adventures.

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How it all started 0:58
The pearl goes back to King Philip 3:27
La Peregrina reappears with Joseph Bonaparte 4:18
The pearl goes to English Duke 5:36
Elizabeth Taylor gets the cursed pearl 6:23
Where is it today? 8:42

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-It was a slave in Panama who found the pearl in the early 1500s. Since Panama was a Spanish colony at the time, La Peregrina was then immediately handed over to Prince Philip II of Spain who presented it to his wife Mary. Queen had a taste for getting rid of people she didn’t like very much. Philip later left her, and it could’ve been the title thing, Mary’s not-so-enticing looks, or, given the victims yet to come, it may have been the cursed pearl at work.
-The Spanish king tried to give La Peregrina to Mary’s half-sister and successor, Elizabeth I…as a way to propose marriage. After her refusal, Philip kept his big shiny pearl, and it stayed with the Spanish Crown for the next 250 years.
-After Napoleon Bonaparte had declared himself Emperor of France, he made his older brother Joseph the King of Spain, and his wife Julie Clary would be Queen. She was the next lucky lady to receive the pearl as a gift from her husband. They pretty much lived totally separate lives.
-From Napoleon, it was sold to an English Duke by the name of James Hamilton in 1848. He’d bought the pearl for his wife Louisa.
-Richard Burton presented La Peregrina to his wife Elizabeth Taylor. There’s no proof that La Peregrina was to blame for these two actors’ failed marriage, but on the other hand, there’s also no proof that it wasn’t.
-The pearl was sold at Christie’s auction house on December 14, 2011 to a private buyer for a whopping $11.8 million.

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