Top 10 Craziest Yacht Features You Won't Believe Exist

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These yachts which are basically floating mansions on the sea, have some crazy features you'll be amazed by. Here are crazy things aboard boats & superyachts of the richest people in the world!
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Be Amazed at these crazy yacht features! Defense Systems - Superyacht Azzam isn’t just big; it’s the biggest in the world. It was specially-built for the president of the United Arab Emirates. Not much is publically known about Azzam, making it one of the oceans largest mysteries.Outdoor Garden - While out on extended sea voyages, the vast blue ocean can seem a bit much at times. But if you're super rich, you can just bring the green grass and vibrant foliage with you. Underwater Fun! - Not all Yachts are exclusively about privacy, relaxation, or pure entertainment. Some use their luxurious vessel as an excuse to do something useful for the world. SCIENCE! “The Octopus”, for instance, is owned by microsoft co-founder Paul Allen who is notoriously passionate about the pursuit of knowledge. Pirate Defense - Pirate defense has come a long way in the past millennia. Back in blackbeard’s time they used cannons and swords, which have long since gone extinct. Netflix and Chill - Private theaters in mansions have always seemed quite impressive.

Portable Beach - “Owning your own private island” used to seem like the ultimate dream. You’d get away from it all, sit on the beach, and sip fancy drinks while you watch the sunset. Sleek Tender Garages - A yacht is big.. massive. And a superyacht; doubly so. They can be bulky, slow, and just impractical. Playing a Pickup Game on the Open Seas - Owning a yacht doesn't have to mean sitting back and leaving the world behind. A Swim Without the Salt - Now obviously the main draw of spending time on the water is… well… the water. But a sane human being can only take so much salt for so long. A Yacht With A View - The Superyacht called 'Shaddai' is still in its concept stage, but its stunning. This 500-foot long yacht comes with a master suite 12 stories high or about 125 ft above ground.
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