Top 20 Craziest Boats You Have to See to Believe

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Boats come in all crazy shapes and sizes. Some are outrageous and others are strange vehicles you just won't believe. Here are some of the weirdest boats ever created!
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Be Amazed at these Top 20 Craziest Boats You Have to See to Believe! The Hamster Wheel Boat - Rowing a boat just tones your biceps. But with the hamster wheel boat, you’ll be able to work out your legs and push your endurance to the limits! The Guitar Boat - The wFoil Albatross - NautiLimo - A limousine exudes extravagance and elitism. Wooden Ferrari Boat - If Ferrari is considered royalty on the road, is it welcome on the seas? Apparently, yes! The Cosmic Muffin - Fort Lauderdale realtor and pilot Kenneth W. London had grand plans for a downed Boeing B-307... like, transforming it into a unique boat. “HotTug” Hot Tub Boat - This boat is perfect if you're feeling conflicted between venturing the open waters and taking a dip in a hot tub. The “HotTug” Hot Tub Boat conveniently combines both leisurely activities! The Floating Man Chair - Some of the craziest boats out there are simple but astounding at the same time. Take this floating man chair as an example. The Tu-Fin Elliptical Boat - Elliptical machines in the gym can get boring because no matter how you move, you’re not going anywhere. But with the Tu-Fin Elliptical Boat, now you can! The Quadrofoil - Electrifying cars is becoming the trend for land transport, so it’s only proper for boats to follow suit. That’s what the Quadrofoil is doing, and so much more.

Earthrace Biodiesel Powerboat - This stylish looking watercraft from Earthrace is taking on two challenges – first is breaking the world record for circling the globe with a powerboat; second is by doing it using only biodiesel. The PlanetSolar Boat - Renewable energy is in high demand today, and PlanetSolar is taking on that task in a huge way with its watercraft. The Jet Capsule - Imagine a yacht made even smaller, but with almost the same amenities and more, and this is what you get. The Jet Capsule! The Ego Compact Semi Submarine - If you want to explore the deep blue sea without any extensive training or getting yourself wet, then the Ego Compact Semi Submarine is the perfect way to go. The Proteus Catamaran - Most boats force water to conform to their hull, but the Proteus Catamaran does the exact opposite – it adjusts itself to the sea. The Zipper Boat - Have you ever heard of the expression, “zipping through the water?” Japan’s Zipper Boat makes it literal! The Exburry Egg - If you dreamt about living on water, then the Exburry Egg is what you need. Tractor Boat - Tractors are known to plow the land, but can they do it on water? The amphibious tractor made by the Greek company Paouris can! Himiko Water Bus - They say Japan is the country of the future. Don’t believe me? Then take a ride on the amazing Himiko Water Bus! The Ever Sinking Boat - The craziest boat in this list could easily make you panic by the mere sight of it. That’s because it looks like it is sinking!
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