Top 10 Mysteries Of The Marine Depths

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Under the ocean in the marine depths lies some very strange mysteries. From unknown submarines to huge sharks and giant squids, here are the strangest ocean mysteries!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Mysteries of the Marine Depths! The Four Lost Submarines - The year 1968 was not a good time to be on a submarine, no matter what country you were from. Within the first five months of this year, there were four subs that went down, and not one could be fully explained. Underwater Tornados - If you’ve ever experienced a tornado, then you know that they’re powerful forces of nature that shouldn't be messed with. The Baltic Sea Anomaly - As the story goes, it was June of 2011 when a group of treasure-hunting divers known as Ocean X discovered a mysterious object on the floor of the Baltic Sea. The Bloop - This is one of the mysteries of the deep that has been solved, but it certainly had people from all over the world wondering about what strange, massive, and unknown sea creature could have made such a sound.

Weird Bacteria - Bacteria are an important part of every ecosystem, including the ocean. And some have adapted perfectly to survive in the extreme environment found in the deep sea. Battle Snails - Battle snails may not sound very exciting, but hang in there, because these little guys are as amazing as they are mysterious. Cold-water Coral Reefs - Normally when you hear “coral reefs,” you think about SCUBA diving in the warm water of the tropics. After all, that’s where coral reefs thrive, right? Many of them, yes. Giant and Colossal Squids - There are so many questions surrounding these behemoths that it’s hard to know where to begin. Because these massive creatures live so far beneath the surface of the water, it’s nearly impossible for scientists to study them. The Great White Shark Mystery - When a group of researchers set out to study the movements of Great White Sharks, they didn’t expect to end up with a puzzle on their hands. The USS Saratoga Mystery - Imagine being the captain of a ship in 1781. You’re traveling along with another ship. The wind kicks up and almost capsizes your boat, but you quickly get things under control.
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