44 Simple Cooking Tricks to Save Your Time

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From time to time, we all face different insignificant issues while cooking. Overcooked chicken, lumpy sauce, or a piece of beef that you forgot to take out of the freezer to defrost for dinner can easily spoil your mood. And if the question "What’s for dinner tonight?" makes you feel a little uneasy -- because you don't consider yourself the best cook in the world, turn off those competitive cooking shows – and tune in here!

You're about to find out how to make crispy fries even crispier, peel tomatoes effortlessly, whip cream with no blender, and many other useful tricks! Here are some really cool cooking tricks. Having them under your sleeve will make cooking easy-peasy for you, help you to save time and avoid many problems while cooking!

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How to get rid of garlic smell 0:29
How to keep marshmallows soft 0:59
The best way to grate something 1:29
How to cut a watermelon 1:57
How to cook brown rice faster 2:30
How to peel eggs easily 2:57
How to get lemon juice 3:26
How to peel garlic easily 3:54
How to prolong parsley use 4:21
What if you need just a few drops of citrus juice 4:47
How to defrost something fast 5:09
How to cut a ton of cherry tomatoes 5:34
How to get a shiny pastry 6:03
How to get rid of lumps in a sauce 6:31
How to make crispy fries crispier 7:02
How to peel tomatoes effortlessly 7:25
How to make perfect sunny-side-up eggs 8:02
How to whip egg whites faster 8:33
Why you should dry a steak off with a paper towel 8:56
The best trick for a mouth-watering vegetable cream soup 9:40

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- If you’re a fan of marshmallows, then you should know how to keep them soft and tasty. All you have to do is put them in a jar with brown sugar.
- Want an ice-cream that won’t be a threat to your weight? Just put a stick in a cup of yogurt and let it freeze in the freezer.
- When you cook pasta, finish it for 1-2 minutes right in the pan with the sauce.
- Your brown sugar clumped into pieces? A piece of soft white bread will solve the problem. Put it in a jar with the sugar and it’ll break back down into sandy granules in a few hours.
- The easiest way to peel a kiwi looks like this – chop it off at both sides, take a spoon, and push it in between the fruit and the skin to scoop out the flesh by turning the fruit until all the skin falls off the back of the spoon.
- If you've cut an avocado in two, save it from turning brown by putting a few drops of lemon juice on the pulp.
- To make your fresh herbs last longer, store them in the fridge with their stems in a glass of water, like a bouquet of flowers.
- Want your burgers to cook evenly? Make a small indent in the center of it with your thumb when it's on a grill or a pan.
- Want to whip cream but have no blender? You can simply shake the cream in a mason jar. But, hey, don't forget to put the lid on!
- Keep a knife under really hot water for a minute, then dry it with a paper towel if you want to make a clean cut through any sticky dessert like a cheesecake.
- If you've overcooked chicken and it's too dry, cut up the pieces, add some mayo, some spices, and your favorite veggies.
- When you cook pancakes, you should watch for the bubbles to appear on them.
- Crying again while chopping an onion? No more of that! Just cut off the root before you slice it.
- When you cook something with chili peppers, coat your hands with any vegetable oil to protect the skin.
- To make perfect sunny-side-up eggs, crack them in a preheated pan coated with oil, then add a bit of warm water, and close the lid for 45 seconds.
- To whip egg whites faster and better, make sure they’re cold and add just a bit of salt to them before you start the whipping process.
- Before putting a steak on the skillet, dry it off with a paper towel, ensuring it will caramelize, not steam.
- Cook whole butternut squash in the microwave for up to 3 minutes. After that, peeling it should be easy.

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