Demi Lovato Throwing SHADE At Ex-Boyfriends!

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Demi Lovato is speaking her truth and throwing some shade while she’s at it!

What’s up everyone, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and looks like Demi Lovato is throwing some serious shade at her former beau’s.

Demi has been known to be friendly with her exes, even doing a live feed on Instagram recently with Wilmer Valderrama, but that all looks to be a thing of the past.

Demi has been in the media recently since her accidental overdose last summer, and fans are speculating that her former friendships may not be so tight anymore.

Demi has recently been spotted liking shady posts on social media about Wilmer and the Jonas Brothers, and the internet is truly living for it.

The posts range from fans calling out Demi’s “fake friends” for not being there for her through her recovery, like this post she liked which said QUOTE:
“Demi has every right to be mad. You can’t tell me different. Over 10 years with these people and this is the treatment she gets back? Over six years sober and as soon as she slips up they decide they don’t wanna deal with her anymore. You can’t tell me she’s supposed to let it go.”

Wilmer has been seen hanging out with the Jonas Brothers recently in France while Joe & Sophie are getting ready for their big wedding, even adding insult to injury by bringing his new girlfriend along. Sooo the gangs all there, except for Demi!

The former Disney star didn’t seem happy about it because she reportedly liked and unliked this photo of them all hanging out that was captioned: “Demi stay away from these fake people,”

If that was me? Not cool...

Demi even took it a step farther and commented on some of these posts.

In one post, a fan commented after Paper Magazine posted on Twitter that Joe Jonas “carried” the Camp Rock film on his back, in which the fan responded, “Demi says hi.”

Looks like Demi wasn’t pleased about it either as she commented, “Oh, word?”

I am feeling this secondhand shade.

Demi also took to her own Instagram stories and posted,

“You know what’s great about making an album? You get to say anything you want, be as open and honest as possible and tell your side of the story regardless of who might not like it…”

Demi also commented on another fan account after they asked for a memoir from Demi including names, in which Demi responded,

“You won’t need names cause you’ll know exactly who they are.”

Our fandom hearts are breaking, as their friendship seemed like one for the history books, but it doesn’t seem too shocking because they are exes.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for that album to see how this one ends...
In the meantime, do you think Demi is no longer friends with the Jonas Brothers and Wilmer or is it just made up drama?

Let’s have a chat in the comments section below. And when you’re done be sure to subscribe to Clevver News, and click that bell so you never miss an update. After that, you can click right over here for a brand new video.

I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch you next time!

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