9 Hard Riddles Only 2% of Adults Can Solve

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Hey guys! When intelligent people get tired or bored, they seek interesting puzzles to solve. Sometimes they turn out to be much more difficult than it seems. You think you're one of those people Then get ready for a real challenge!

For this particular video, we’ve collected the hardest brain teasers we could find all over the Internet. So if you’re able to solve at least half of them in the time you’re given, you can be sure you’re smarter than most people out there! You ready? Let’s go!

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Half-full or half-empty? 0:27
The Shakespeare riddle 1:20
The gold issue 1:50
A crafty teacher 2:40
The lock dilemma 3:41
The hat trick 4:45
The shady student 6:20
An honest person 8:07
Bonus 9:01

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- #1. You have a glass, which is a right cylinder, and it looks half-filled with water. However, you’re not sure whether the water fills exactly half of it. How can you check it only using the glass itself?
- #2. What is he that builds stronger than either the mason, the shipwright, or the carpenter?
- #3. Two men find an old golden coin and have to decide who takes it home with him. The coin is a little heavier on one side, so it flips to the tails more often than heads. What should the men do to have a fair chance?
- #4. A teacher wants to give her students a pop quiz during the next class. The students, however, decide to skip the class altogether, thinking the teacher will call off the quiz. Yet still she managed to make them all attend. How did she do that?
- #5. Sam and Emma live thousands of miles apart, and Sam wants to send Emma an expensive ring via mail. The trouble, however, is that anything sent by mail gets stolen on the way unless there’s a lock put on the parcel. Sam send the ring to Emma so that she can unlock the parcel?
- #6. A prison guard approaches each of the prisoners, starting from the last one, and asks what color their hat is. If they’re correct, they’re free to go, but if they’re wrong, they go to jail. The prisoners are allowed to discuss a plan first, though. What should they do so that at least 99 of them are set free?
- #7. Billy has missed most of the school days in a year and is summoned to the principal’s office. When the principal asked him why he missed out on so many classes, though, Billy explained. The principal knows there’s a flaw in this logic but can’t put a finger on it. Can you?
- #8. There’s a party of 100 people, and they’re either honest or liars. You walk in knowing two things for a fact: first, at least one of them all is honest; and two, if you take any two of the guests, at least one of them is a liar. With this in your mind, can you deduct how many of the guests are honest and how many are liars?
- #9. You’re in a dark room with no windows and two doors leading out. Behind one of them is a hungry lion that will attack you as soon as it sees you. Behind the other is an alien waiting to conduct experiments on you. Which door would you choose in order to survive and go safely home?

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