Never Throw Away Gel Bags, See What They Can Do!

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Whenever you buy a new pair of shoes or a bag, you get some little bags of silica gel as an added bonus. You might think they’re useless but in fact they are a simple solution to many storage problems and they cost you nothing yet can be very effective if you know and follow these tips. So never throw them away but make use of their awesome properties.
The superpower of silica gel bags comes from the silicon dioxide they contain. It attracts water molecules out of shoes, bags, or whatever is around them. These moisture-proof properties are the reason silica bags come with your purchases in the first place. No moisture means no mold, odors, staining, or other damage.
Spare your nerves and use silica gel packets to rescue your phone from water damage.
Bacteria, which just so happen to adore moisture, thrive on sweat and produce the nasty smell in your gym bag and gum locker. So to get rid of it, you have to get rid of the moisture using silica gel.
Just one packet of silica gel will be enough to keep your cosmetics dry and avoid unfortunate makeup mishaps and tons of wasted money.
Add silica gel bags to folders and boxes you’re putting away for long-term storage. By the way, if you still have old-school audio cassettes or videotapes, the same method can keep them safe as well.
Keeping your blankets, sheets, and pillow cases clean, fresh, and moisture-free is especially important for your health, and silica can help you with that.
Moisture can cause tarnish and make your beautiful earrings, bracelets, and chains look dull and less stunning. The same can happen to your silverware. You can try polishing it, but that’s a pretty painstaking process. To avoid all that drama, drop a silica gel packet into your personal diamond fund, or as some call it a “jewelry box”.
Feel free to experiment and add them to other things you want to keep dry. If you feel like they’ve lost their magic, you can simply “recharge” them. To do that, place them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven for an hour at 220°F. And be sure to keep any unused packets in an airtight container at all times.


Rescue your phone from water damage 0:31
Keep your gym gear odor-free 1:48
Make your makeup last longer 2:21
Protect your luggage from moisture 2:48
Keep all your important papers safe 3:19
Prevent your wardrobe from going stale 4:01
Store your seeds 4:46
Keep jewelry shining bright 5:11
Protect your camera from condensation 5:50
Keep dry foods dry 6:22

-Enough gel packets in a Ziploc bag will suck the water right out of your phone once you put it in the bag with the packets. Just make sure the phone is fully surrounded by the little silica baggies.
-A packet or two of silica gel dropped into your bag will absorb all the unnecessary moisture and keep your bag free of odors.
-If you want your favorite powder, eye shadow, and other beauty necessities to last longer, keep a silica packet in your makeup bag.
-Prevent your vacation outfits from getting ruined and stick some silica bags in-between your clothes. That way, you’ll look your best on vacation.
-To protect your files and memories from the damaged caused by moisture, keep them together with silica gel packets.
-Keeping a gel packet in the back of your drawer or in-between layers of clothes will help you keep your seasonal garments fresh for when you need them.
-Silica gel packets can help keep seeds fresh when you store them for the next season.
-Keep your jewelry and silverware bright and shiny by dropping a silica gel packet into your personal diamond fund.
-To protect your camera lens from condensation remove the camera’s battery, memory card, and lens, and place the body of your camera in a bowl filled with silica gel packets to take all the moisture away.
-If you tape one of these packets to the lid of a container filled with bread crumbs, crackers, dried herbs or whatever has to be kept dry and crispy, you’ll save a lot of food and money, in the end.

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