Miley Cyrus BREAKS SILENCE On Cody Simpson Romance!

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Miley Cyrus might’ve broken things off with Kaitlynn Carter and Liam Hemsworth, but let it be known that she’s not about to stop dating any time soon.

What’s up guys! Happy Monday, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and one thing that makes my job easy is when celebs come out and straight up tell it like it really is -- no BS, no rumors, no speculation.

That’s basically what Miley Cyrus did over the weekend after being hounded for making out with Cody Simpson when a girl was just trying to get a little morning makeout while eating her acai bowl…

But if you thought she was taking things too fast and locking lips with a hot Aussie following her breakup with Kaitlynn Carter, let’s back up for a sec and talk about her relationship with Kaitlynn Carter.

It came as a massive shock to fans when Miley called it quits with Brody Jenner’s ex-wife who she’d allegedly been intensely smitten by when the two snuck away to Italy together just days after news of their divorces went public.

Buuuut there might actually be a good reason for that.

TMZ was first to report that Miley got a little freaked out over how quickly her relationship with Kaitlynn was moving, so she pulled back… and by pulling back, I mean straight up pulling the plug and dumping the relationship!

Sources revealed that there was absolutely no cheating of any kind, or fighting for that matter, and that Miley’s decision was solely based on the fact that she’d just gotten out of what is pretty much the only relationship she’s ever been in since 2009.

The two women, who were inseparable for a 2-month stint and allegedly “got along like a house on fire.”

But as things continued to move at a rapid pace between the two, sources say Miley realized she wasn’t ready to jump back into another committed relationship, especially for how soon it’s been.

Despite breaking things off, it seems as though Kaitlynn is more than understanding of the situation, and that the two are still on good terms… annnnd Kait is seemingly not at all bothered by Miley’s little fling with Cody Simpson… yeah, THAT Cody Simpson who you probably haven’t heard about since 2013.

Although the fact that Miley doin’ her thing at the moment, sources did say that Kaitlynn has expressed concern over her impulsive behavior to Miley’s friends as she’s a little worried for her well-being.

Late last week, TMZ got a video of Miley making out with a mystery man while eating her morning acai bowl… come to find out that mystery man just so happened to be Cody Simpson…a fellow Australian!

I know what you’re thinking: Where the heck did Cody Simpson come from?

Well, lemme just tell you that one visit to his Instagram page, and therein lies the mystery because HOT DAYUM.

Miley and Cody were actually linked back in 2014 on one of her breaks with Liam after rumors spread that they were dating.

Although Cody mentioned at the time that they were “just mates”, things between these two have now appeared to get hot and heavy.

In a lengthy post, she opened up about the fact that what the public thinks they may know about her past relationships is really only surface level. She then goes on to talk about how men are rarely “slut-shamed” and that they move on from one woman to the next without any consequences.

Touche, girl, touche… but the tweet doesn’t stop there. Miley went on to explain that she refuses to just “date from home” and hide a relationship, saying, “I would like to share an activity with someone I am dating and not be stuck at home with pretty much nothing to do but “Netflix and Chill.”

Another point Miley made was that she is also new to this whole “dating” thing considering she was in a committed relationship for almost all her teens and early 20s. She ends her statement by asking fans not to make this awkward for her, and letting them know that she’s not slowing down her dating game any time soon.

She’s clearly just bein’ Miley, and honestly, we wouldn’t change a thing. So here’s to another possible album on the horizon, more so now than ever since Miley clearly has some new material to pull from.

Until that drops, I gotta know all your thoughts on Miley’s new fling with Cody, and what you thought about her post on dating, so get to talking down here in the comments, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe, then click right over here for another new video.

Thanks for tuning in, I’m your host Sussan Mourad and I’ll see you next time.

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