Tana Mongeau Fully Supports Ex-GF Bella Thorne’s Throuple!

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Bella Thorne just confirmed her new relationship with a topless photo, and everyone is in full support including, Bella’s boyfriend, and even her ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau.

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and gone are the days your relationship status was confirmed by way of Myspace, Facebook, or AIM away message… it’s 2019; things have clearly elevated, my friends.

Bella Thorne has a new woman, and she’s shouting it proudly from the rooftops. Ok, so basically what I’m getting at is that she’s revealing a lot by revealing... a lot. The actress is now dating Alex Martini, who reportedly works as a set production assistant. The two became Instagram official over the weekend when Bella posted a super flirty topless photo of the two messing around on her bed.

Bella posted the photo with the caption QUOTE, “She's very cute. First girl I have dated that's camera shy.”

Although Bella didn’t directly tag Alex in the photo, all thanks to a familiar face, we were quickly able to crack the code on that one.

Bella’s ex, Tana Mongeau, made a little appearance down in the comments with a simple supportive, “Yes Martini!”

Although the post-relationship between Bella and Tana has been a little rocky, the two are currently on good terms.

When they broke up, Tana immediately tweeted, “i love her forever don't get that twisted. She changed my life forever. don't rly wanna talk on it.. there's no negativity at all.”

Granted, that was before the Jake Paul proposal that shook the Twittersphere, then Bella freaked out and began crying on social media, then the two went at each other via Twitter and confused the crap out of fans because it was out of nowhere, but then made up and appear to be on good terms.

And in other relationship news, Bella has also moved on with Italian pop star Benjamin Mascolo, whom she is currently in her second ‘throuple’ with, which is milennial talk for polyamorous relationship, followed by Tana and rapper Mod Sun.

Benjamin is reportedly “all in” regarding the relationship, if not even more evident by his equally as supportive comment on Bella’s post, writing, “You girls are cute.”

Bella has been dating Benjamin since April of this year, so it seems like he’s in full approval after both agreeing to jump on the “third one’s a charm” train.

Although Bella didn’t confirm exactly how long ago she started dating Alex, she began commenting on her social media posts just last month before being seen out together holding hands at an airport just last weekend, so this seems to be a pretty recent thing.

In some of her comments, she called Alex’s photos “sexy” and even admitted that she “loved” another photo.

Bella was first spotted showing PDA with Benjamin earlier this year just days after announcing her split from Mod Sun.

She also opened up about falling for Mod Sun in an interview, sharing how his “happy vibes” were what initially attracted her to him.

She said QUOTE, “It was definitely meeting someone that's just so happy. That’s his whole thing and for me coming from someone who's a little bit glass half-empty, it really is nice for me to have someone on my back that's like, 'No, it's good, it's good, it's good,' even when it's bad. You’re always your harshest critic, [and] your significant other -- those are the people that build you up.”

Following Bella and Mod’s split, it was reported that she was caught breaking and entering into his home in an attempt to gather the rest of her belongings.

Clearly Bella learned a thing or two from her past relationships as she seems to be happier than ever.

Others wondered how much time Jake and Tana are actually spending together, like this fan, who said, “why do i feel like this is the first time they’ve seen each other since the wedding.”

Honestly, from the vibes this video gives off, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibilities.

Thankfully Bella will always have Tana in her corner, no matter how many times the two give us a helluva show and blow up our Twitter feeds, but we’re kinda here for it.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Bella’s new girlfriend and Tana’s support? How about her throuple relationship status? And does Tana still have her eye on the prize?

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