This Is Why We Haven't Found Aliens Yet

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Do aliens exist? With people witnessing UFO sightings, and questions about Area 51, is there life on other planets and extraterrestrials in space?
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The universe is a huge place. It seemingly goes on forever—or at least extends beyond our own understanding of what we know is physically possible. But with all the efforts we make to discover and connect with life on the other side of the solar system, the galaxy, or even the multiverse, we have to be close to meeting some E.T. on the edge of their landing pad, right? There are a ton of reasons why scientists think we haven’t found life outside of Earth just yet, beyond the chance that there might be nothing else out there. And TheRichest will journey from the battlefields of ancient civilizations to the cold, dark satellites orbiting the Earth. Once we’re done, maybe we’ll know just why those rumored secrets are locked away so tight in Area 51. Why haven’t we found aliens yet? You're about to find out.

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