China Built A Massive Underground Tunnel System That Now Serves A Very Strange Purpose

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“Better safe than sorry” has been the motto of preparedness advocates for centuries, and despite the hysteria and paranoia that typically follows this kind of advocacy, it’s usually never a bad thing to think ahead. Even if the catastrophe you fear never comes to pass, you may actually wind up saving a life in the process.

That’s exactly what’s happened in Beijing over the last fifty years, for during the days of the Cold War communist leaders invested in one particular project that’s come to aid their people in the present. After seeing the strange city that lies below the streets of Beijing, you’ll wonder what kind of secrets may be hiding just beneath your feet…

During the height of the Cold War, the world’s preeminent communist powers – the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union – were also at odds over differing political ideologies. With a willingness on both sides to escalate their conflict to war, the threat of nuclear catastrophe loomed larger than ever.
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