What the Earth Went Through Before Humans Appeared

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What did the Earth look like 4.6 billion years ago? Nope, it wasn't the fancy blue and green ball you’re used to. It was more like a giant rock covered in molten lava and constantly bombarded by comets and asteroids. There was no sign of life here yet — nothing could survive in such an environment. That period lasted for roughly 600 million years!

Soon after the Moon started orbiting the Earth, the planet’s rotation slowed down. The impact also tilted the Earth, and it now had seasons. No, no life yet, but wait for it. The climate became softer and more stable, and the planet began to cool down. Now here’s where it all starts. Water vapor condenses, forming the oceans and, of course, continents. Well, one supercontinent, to be more precise. And finally, after millions of years…

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What the Earth looked like 4.6 billion years ago 0:39
How was the Moon formed? 1:24
The first ever living being on the planet 2:17
Where did Earth's oxygen come from? 2:53
The first ever Ice Age 3:54
The most beautiful period of Earth’s development 4:55
Two big extinctions
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