Malia And Sasha Obama's Secret World Revealed

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From 24/7 Security To Strict Curfews, Malia And Sasha Obama's Childhood Was Anything From Normal

We know a lot about Barack and Michelle Obama, but all anyone seems to know about Sasha and Malia is that their dad was the 44th president of the United States. We also recently saw them in their mother's Netflix documentary, Becoming. And yet, no one seems to realize that these young women have been writing their own stories, too. Although they’re now leading lives as private citizens, they once held the pristine distinction of being called the first daughters.

They spent a good portion of their teen years walking around the hallways of the historic White House and managed to avoid getting into any serious trouble. But despite being thrust into the spotlight when their dad took over the Oval Office, they were rarely seen in the public eye because they were only 7 and 10 years old at the time. And their parents wanted them to have a normal childhood during Obama’s 8 years in office.

So, while they were living in the White House, their bedtime was 8 p.m., and the girls were also given chores to do to keep them from getting spoiled by their lavish lifestyle. That way, they would continue to feel like they were regular little girls despite being super famous. But although they grew up together, Sasha and Malia are very unique in their own way. And now no one can stop talking about what these two are up to. And a lot has happened since the first daughters transitioned into life outside the White House. So here are a couple of fun facts about Sasha and Malia Obama, two kids who grew into impressive young women right under our noses.
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