10 Things Gravity Doesn't Seem To Work On

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Nature itself is creating amazing illusions, and it inspired many people to defy gravity in unusual ways. Today, I'm going to show you 10 things that seem to defy gravity.
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Be Amazed by these 10 Things That Seem to Defy Gravity! Crazy Roads - Take your road trip to a whole new level by visiting these awesome crazy roads. But what is so special about them? Hot Ice - You know what happens when you pour liquid on a surface. But this situation becomes really confusing with hot ice. Real-Life Hoverboards - Back to the Future Part II showed us that we were going to see these new gadgets in 2015 and many scientists made sure that our dreams would come true by creating hoverboards. Floating Balls - Street performers love to play with this magic ball that seems to be floating in the air. But is it magic or science?

Zero-Gravity Flights - You’re probably the kind of person who is unimpressed by balls floating in the air. You don’t want an object to defy gravity; you want to do it yourself. Sound of Music - Let’s stick to something that we can all do at home, shall we? We all know that music is powerful, but we never thought that it could defy gravity. The Mystery Spot - The Mystery Spot is a fun place that is described as a gravitational anomaly near Santa Cruz in California. Inverted Waterfalls - So the Mystery Spot might not be a miracle of nature, but these inverted waterfalls could be. The word itself says it: the water in waterfalls is supposed to fall. Chrome Ball-Chain - Here is something you can easily do at home no matter where you live. Reverse Water Fountains - We've already seen that water can do many impressive things.
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