Ariana Grande Is Not DATING Mikey Foster Frankie Grande Confirms

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Looks like there actually IS some truth to Ariana Grande’s song “I Ain’t Your Girlfriend” as Frankie Grande is now clarifying his recent claims about her relationship status.

What’s up guys, happy Friday, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. back here on Clevver News, and the cat is out of the bag… actually, it’s more like the cat went straight back into the bag if you really think about it…

Despite Frankie Grande’s recent… like, VERY recent claims that Ariana Grande and Social House singer Mikey Foster are officially official, let’s just say, he’s now cleaning up his spilled tea.

After sending fans into a Twitter tidalwave revealing that he’d gone on a double date with Ari and Mikey, he’s literally just taken back his words and is now saying that he wasn’t at all implying that they were an official item….

He took to Twitter in a now-deleted tweet just hours after the news hit yesterday, and began by backtracking, saying QUOTE, “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single.”

Hmmm… somethin’ tells me Ari may have had a little discussion with Frankie Thursday about the sacredness of a SECRET. He went on to clarify that his “double date” comment just meant that Ari and Mikey went out for dinner with he and his boyfriend, Hale Leon, so we can all just breeeaaatttthhhhheeeeee, people.

Ari and Mikey have been bombarded by dating rumors ever since collaborating on their new track “Boyfriend” and after being seen together on many occasions, it does make sense the two would attend a casual dinner with her bro.

Plus, lest I remind you of this tweet from Ariana yet again, stating that she would be staying single throughout 2019 and likely forever, saying, “Spoiler for the rest of this year/ probably my life: It’s No One. Please refer back to this tweet for future questions.”

Here we are, doing as loyal Arianators would do, and once again referring back to this tweet.

But I’m kinda curious to hear your thoughts on Frankie’s sudden urge to clarify his previous tweet. Could there still be some truth to Ari dabbling in the dating game again, or did fans just read too much into his previous statement?

Get to talking in the comments below, and if you don’t want to miss out on what Frankie might say next, hit that subscribe button and click that bell! And if you’re quenching for some more hot Hollywood tea, click right over here. Thanks for watching, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and have a great weekend!

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